How to Use VALORANT's New Gun: The Outlaw

The newest VALORANT season, which is Episode 8 Act 1, is set to release on January 10th, introducing a new gun for the first time since its launch. In this latest installment, players will have access to the Outlaw, a fresh addition to the arsenal, which brings a sniper rifle into the game. To provide you with all the necessary details, here is everything you should know about the Outlaw and the newest VALORANT season.


VALORANT The Outlaw, a double-barreled sniper rifle, is a brand new addition to the VALORANT roster, designed to find a balance between the Marshal and Operator sniper rifles. Unlike other sniper rifles, the Outlaw allows players to rapidly fire two shots in succession without needing to zoom out. The reload times of the Outlaw vary depending on the number of shots fired - whether one or two shots - and are slightly longer compared to other sniper rifles to compensate for the increased fire rate.
Nick Smith, Game Designer II, and Sal Garozzo, Game Designer Architect, explained, "The inspiration for the Outlaw came from the Shorty, the sawed-off shotgun sidearm in VALORANT, allowing us to reimagine that concept within the context of a sniper rifle."
Due to its higher damage and two-shot mechanics, the Outlaw poses a significant threat to players wearing Light Armor. In matches, the Outlaw can be purchased for 2,400 credits, placing it between its competitors, the Marshal and Operator, in terms of cost.


VALORANT Alongside the Outlaw, the VALORANT SHOP will introduce a new Throwback Bundle, priced at 2,320 VP, which features two skins for the Outlaw. Each skin comes with three different variants: Prism/Reloaded Outlaw and Ego Outlaw. While these skins do not have unique custom animations and visual effects (VFX), the Prism and Ego skins from 2020 have received new color variants to compensate for this and to align with their price point.
On January 10th, VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 will be available to everyone, accompanied by a new battle pass.

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