How game/screen recorder works? GG Recorder tell you


How game/screen recorder works? GG Recorder tell you

If you have used some game/screen recording software in the past, you may have noticed that they can capture (record) footage in many different ways. For example, there are ones specifically for recording games, recording screens, recording windows, and even recording a custom area. Some recording software only uses one of them, while some use both.

The most basic screen recording can simply capture anything displayed on the screen. In terms of ease of use, this is very convenient, but its performance is average. If you use the computer daily (for example, just for daily office work, without running particularly performance-consuming software, such as games), this impact will be okay. If you use screen recording mode in a gaming scenario, the performance will be terrible. As an extension of screen recording, area recording doesn't really do anything different except record a preset area of the screen instead of the entire area. Window recording also works in much the same way, except that it captures from a specific window rather than the entire area.

Although the recording modes mentioned so far are very easy to use, for optimal performance, a more complex capture method is required, which is the game recording that will be introduced next.

Game capture mode, its specific implementation varies between recording software, but in general, they basically capture the screen directly by injecting themselves into the game process. In other words, they capture the image at the source rather than waiting for it to go through a series of other processes until it finally reaches the screen. Even when the game is rendering the picture, it is also saved to ensure the picture quality. It can even draw what you want on the game screen (the so-called picture-in-picture). However, it is much more complicated than screen recording modes, and it provides high-performance recording while ensuring the normal operation of the game.

GG Recorder actually performs very well in this regard. In addition to providing very convenient screen/window/area recording, it also provides game recording with excellent performance.