Palworld Overtakes Counter-Strike to Become the Second Most-Played Game Ever on Steam

palworld Palworld continues to achieve astonishing success since its launch and has now become the second most popular game ever on Steam.
On January 23, Palworld reached an incredible milestone with 1,853,216 concurrent players on Steam, surpassing Valve's renowned game Counter-Strike, according to SteamDB. This achievement solidifies Pocketpair's controversial "Pokémon with guns" crafting and survival game as the second most popular game on the platform, trailing only behind PUBG. PUBG holds the record for the highest peak concurrent players on Steam, reaching an impressive 3,257,248 during the game's peak popularity in the era of the battle royale genre.
While it seems unlikely that Palworld will surpass those exceptional numbers, its increasing sales success indicates the possibility of reaching even greater concurrent player peaks in the future. It's worth noting that Palworld was launched in early access form, and Pocketpair has stated that it will remain in this state for a year.
In just four days, Palworld has sold an impressive six million copies, according to Pocketpair. The game was launched on January 19, becoming available on Xbox consoles, PC via Steam and Windows. Additionally, it was released simultaneously on Game Pass.
Pocketpair expressed gratitude to players in a tweet, saying, "Thank you for playing the game even though it is a weekday! The team is working hard to ensure that you can enjoy the game even more comfortably."
While Palworld has achieved tremendous success as one of the biggest game launches ever, it has also been surrounded by controversy. Pocketpair has reported receiving death threats in response to claims that the game is a "rip-off" of Pokémon. Additionally, Nintendo swiftly took action to remove a Pokémon mod from the game. The overwhelming demand for Palworld has caused server-related issues, further complicating its launch.

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